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Please describe your project or ask question and we will get to you as soon as possible. Email us at: igotmyweb@gmail.com

To be able to serve you best we need more information about your project

1.How many pages do you need (for example home, FAQ about, services, contact us-5 pages web site)

2.Name for each page (how you want to appear on your navigation)

3.Do you have content or you need content service?

4.Do you have your own images and pictures or we ave to provide images for you and how many?

5.Do you have logo or you need logo. If you need logo this is going to be an additional charge to your cost. Minimum charge for logo design is $300.00.We will present 3 versions to choose from.

6.Do you have any color preferences or we have to present set of colors for your design?

7.Do you have list of web sites you like? Please list links bellow. This will help us to understand better your idea and what type of design you like.

8.Do you want any special menus, flash animation, etc?

9.Do you domain name or need assistance to register on?

10.Do you have hosting service or need one?

11.We offer great price on hosting service set up, new web site design and monthly maintenance of your web site (update your content, picture change, other issues), would you like to learn more?

Contact Info:

Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 302-7331
Email: igotmyweb@gmail.com