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Класове по Български народни танци с ръководител Петър Петров!

Заповядайте всеки понеделник от 19.30 ч до 21:00 ч. в Green Street Dance Studios, Cambridge, MA. .

Ще потанцуваме и научим голямо разнообразие от български, народни, танцови ритми, темпо и стил. По-добрият фитнес :)
Всички са добре дошли, дори никога да не сте танцували!

Чудесна възможност да се запознаете и с млади българи в Бостън, част от тях са членове на танцовата ансамбъл "Лудо Младо".

Green Street Dance Studios

185 Green St.,Cambridge MA 02139

За информация: Петър Петров 617 - 840 2362.


Monday night Bulgarian folk dance class with Peter Petrov

at Green Street Dance Studios
185 Green St.,Cambridge MA 02139

The class begins at 7:30pm -9pm.

Come and join us at Green Street Dance Studios this Monday at 7:30 pm for an exiting evening of Bulgarian traditional dance. We will explore great variety of dance rhythms, tempos and style. 
All levels of experience are welcome. 
This is a place to meet Bulgarians in Boston :)

For more information call/text Peter Petrov at 617 840 2362.

About Peter Petrov
A native of Bulgaria, Peter is an accomplished choreographer, dance teacher and performer. Founder of Ludo Mlado in 2002, his goal is to make Bulgarian folk dance and music accessible to a wider audience. Prior to his departure for the US, Peter was dancing professionally with “Rodopa” State Folk Dance Ensemble. Since the age of seven he has danced with numerous school ensembles many of which won outstanding awards in city-wide and national-international competitions.

Since arriving in USA in 1993, Peter has taught many classes and workshops throughout the United States. His first major appearance as a choreographer and dancer in USA was in 1994 during the opening ceremony of soccer's World Cup with Chicago- based folk dance group “Balkanski Igre” representing his native country, Bulgaria. From 1994 to present, Peter and his groups have participated in a wide range of dance festivals throughout the United States.

Photo from the National day celebration in Boston, organized by the BACC Madara

Todor Ialamov

Vasil Nenkov

David Flashenberg





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